CrediMax e-Statement Service


CrediMax e-Statement is a free added value service that allows you to receive your Monthly Credit Card statement on your e-mail address. It helps eliminate paperwork and gives you a quick and easy way to view, save or print your Credit Card statement.




What is the CrediMax e-Statement?

CrediMax e-Statement is an electronic statement that replaces your monthly paper statement and will be delivered as an attachment to your registered e-mail address. The e-Statement will be in PDF format and PIN protected.

How do I register for CrediMax e-Statement?

If you wish to activate the e-Statement service and start receiving an electronic PDF statement to your selected email, please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click on the e-Statement icon on CrediMax Website.
  2. Enter the principle cardholder CPR number and Mobile number to login.
  3. Upon successful login, accept the terms and condition, enter your selected email account and click submit.
  4. Congratulation, you are now registered to CrediMax e-Statement services and should receive an email in your selected email account to confirm the registration

How long will it take to receive my statement after being generated by CrediMax?

The e-Statement will be sent to your registered email address after it is issued in CrediMax system.

Will I continue to get paper statements by post once I enroll for the CrediMax e-Statement service?

No, your paper statements will no longer be sent to your mailing address.

Can I set some of my Cards for e-Statements and keep some paper statements?

No. The option customer will have is either e-Statement or paper statement.

Will my e-Statements have the same information as my paper statement?

Yes, the e-Statement will be exactly the same as the paper statement. In addition, CrediMax may also attach promotional materials.

How do I save my e-Statements to my computer or disk?

After you have accessed your e-Statement from your email, Select "File" from the top menu bars and then "Save As" and choose the directory where you want to keep your statements on your PC. You can rename the filename for easy access later.

Can I go back to paper statements if I change my mind?

Yes, you can by sending us a formal written request

Is my information secure with e-Statements?

We have taken every possible measure to ensure the highest level of security. Your e-Statements are only accessible through access to your password protected e-mail account and the PDF attachments are protected with 4 characters PIN.

What if I cannot access my e-Statements or have any further query regarding the service?

Feel free to contact our Customer Service on 17117117 and one of our agents will be more than pleased to help you.

What if my email addresses changes?

As per terms and conditions governing the CrediMax e-Statements service, you are responsible for notifying us of any change in your email address by sending us written request to our CrediMax Customer Service Channels.

Do I need to be registered to CrediMax Internet banking to access the e-Statement?

No. CrediMax e-Statements are issued directly to the registered email address of the customer. The customer does not have to log on the CrediMax internet banking platform to view the statement.

Can Corporate Cardholders register to the service?

Yes, corporate cardholder can register to the service by sending a formal request to CrediMax Corporate Department. For further details and assistance Please call CrediMax Corporate Department on 17117100

What is the cost for the e-Statement?

The e-Statement is a FREE service.